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Salam Zindagi

Salam Zindagi (Hello Life): Is an online directory of service providers themed around health and lifestyle embracing latest innovative online tools interlinking Afghans seeking health care with medical doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. The platform is aimed at enabling Afghans to search for desired medical care and medical consultation based on different selection criteria such as location, ratings of service providers and price, before booking an appointment.

It also serves health care providers as an easy tool to manage their schedules, follow up with their patients at their own flexibility, while hospitals, clinics and pharmacies use the platform for their management of staff, patients and stock of medicine and medical equipment.

In a society with a growing online community and with 70% of the nation's citizens under the age of 30, the platform's main consumer target is clearly defined. Young Afghan women learning about health tips, beauty products, and disease prevention care from other countries are seeking these services in growing numbers. The demand for health care from basic prevention over necessary treatments up to beauty surgeries are in growing demand. Young Afghans who are the driving force behind the country's economic development are willing to pay for high quality medical and beauty treatment.

"Salam Zindagi wants to serve the needs of Afghans seeking the best health care possible"

Aria Medica

Aria Medica is an Afghan registered pharmaceutical company established in 2016 by an Afghan investor with a team of healthcare professionals, registered with Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Public Healthcare National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA), bearing license No: D-80016. Aria Medica is a subsidiary of Investone Corps, Inc. The company is committed to serve the Afghan nation with a focus on the manufacture and sale of high quality pharmaceutical products across the country.

Aria Medica offers branded medicines from well known international manufacturing companies across the world with the vision to make remarkable contribution in the improvement of health quality in Afghanistan by investing in the pharmaceutical and health sectors of Afghanistan. The investment in the pharmaceutical sector is directed towards:
(1) pharmaceutical local production facilities,
(2) importation and distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals including medical supplies and medicated cosmetics. The investment in the health sector will be directed towards
(3) hospitals.